Tweety's Safe Landing with Evanita

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Tweety arrived safely over in Washington State at my doorstep. I immediately hauled the box down to my studio and set it up on my photography area. My three Sparrows were very curious to see the new comer!
A Teal and Black, Black and Teal, and Neon Green and Black Sparrows on top of Tweety the Sparrow's Cardboard box

I was very impressed with how well the box held up for it's long journey. The next several stops on the Migration path will be shorter distances. The inside of the box has an abundance of bubble wrap to keep the Pelican Case from sliding around. The Pelican Case, WOW! Tweety really is flying first class! I opened up the box Live on Instagram.

Tweety's Pelican Case

Tweety's Pelican Case Opened

Tweety's Pelican Case opened displaying all of the contents

I took a peek through the journal and love Becca's entry! I cannot wait to see all of the future entries.
Tweety's journal opened up to Becca's entry with Tweety to the side.
Dave did such an awesome job with the laser engraving on the journal's cover!
Fiber, Tweety's Journal, and Tweety the Sparrow

I introduced Tweety to my flock of Sparrows.

Teal and Black, Black and Teal, Tweety, and Lime and Black Sparrows.

I also introduced Tweety to Bumbles the Starling XL and Dandillion the Starling V3. I love seeing these three together as it really shows just how much Dave has grown over the last few years as a maker.
Black and Yellow Starling XL V2, Yellow and Black Starling V3, and Tweety the Sparrow
Tomorrow we'll be spinning! I've got my Community Braid spin picked out and after I finish that I'm planning on spinning some cotton. I do plan on doing some live spinning on Instagram so if you are on Instagram keep an eye out!

Migration Schedule

The following is an estimated schedule. We have built in time for shipping however as with any adventure there's always a bit of uncertainty. Updates about Tweety and Sojourner's travels will be shared on our Instagram and Facebook page/group.

Tweety's Itinerary

  • Evanita M - Washington - June 24-28
  • Christy R - Alaska - July 1-18
  • Lorrie G - Alaska - July 22-Aug 8
  • Krystal P - Washington - Aug 13-29
  • Jessica C - Washington - Sept 2-19
  • Nancy T - Washington - Sept 23-Oct 10
  • Esther E - Idaho - Oct 15-31
  • Susan L - Idaho - Nov 4-21
  • Leigh W - Oregon - Nov 26-Dec 12
  • Desiree G - Oregon - Dec 16-Jan 2
  • Valerie S - Washington - Jan 6-23

Sojourner's Itinerary

  • James P - Surrey, UK - June 24-28
  • Rachel S - Suffolk, UK - July 1-18
  • Susan P - Norfolk, UK - July 22-Aug 8
  • Kathryn F - Leicestershire, UK - Aug 12-29
  • Jan H - Fife, Scotland UK - Sept 2-19
  • Liz T - Wiltshire, UK - Sept 23-Oct 10
  • Eve W - Cornwall, UK - Oct 15-31
  • Teresa P - Dorset, UK - Nov 4-21
  • Jessica D - Dorset, UK - Nov 26-Dec 12
  • Su J - Kent, UK - Dec 16-Jan 2
  • Sophie L - Norfolk, UK - Jan 6-23

Follow the Migration!

To keep tabs on the adventures of these two Sparrows follow us on DaedalusSpinningWheels on Instagram, Daedalus Spinning Wheels on Facebook, as well as our Migration Blog here on Spotted Ewe Fibers.

All spinners participating on this program are encouraged to use the following hashtags on social media.


#SpinningWithTweetyTheSparrow #WhereIsTweetyTheSparrow

#SpinningWithSojournerTheSparrow #WhereIsSojournerTheSparrow


Happy Spinning and Bird Watching!


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