Queen in the North

Queen in the North

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Our Polwarth is 60% Polwarth wool and 40% Tussah silk.  Polwarth was developed in Australia by breeding Merino rams with Lincoln/Merino ewes, with the intent to breed for finer wool.  Range includes Australia, New Zealand, Falklands, and South America.  Characteristics include a staple of 5-7", and a micron count of 19-22. 

Our 50% Merino, 25% Bamboo, 25% Tussah Silk is so soft and silky, measuring 21 micron, it has a staple length of 3”.  The Bamboo adds an interesting touch as it lightens the over all vividness of the dye giving a pleasing pastel effect.

Our 75%BFL, 25% Tussah Silk is a treat to spin.  It has an amazing softness and luster you will have to see to believe. Supplied from the United Kingdom it measure 25 micron and has a staple length of 3 inches.

Our BFL is 100% Blue Faced Leicester, which is a British wool that is imported.  Characteristics include a 4-5" staple and 25-27 micron, but feels much softer.  BFL has a unique luster that leads to vivid dye results.

Our 100% Falkland measures 26 microns and has a 4-6” staple.  The wool is bred on the Falkland Islands where the stock consists mostly of Corridale, Polwarth, and Dohn Merino, which has been selectively bred to survive the harsh climate of the islands. The upside to the harsh climate is a lack of insects and disease so the wool is chemical free.

Our 100% Corriedale Cross comes directly from the UK, where it is raised for both wool and meat.  Corriedale Cross is a mixture of Merino and Lincoln which was created almost simultaneously in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States in 1914.  It measures at 29 micron and has a staple length of 3.5”.

Our 100% Cheviot comes from the UK where it is the main breed used for wool.  Cheviot fibers draft easily but are not slippery making it the perfect wool for beginning spinners. It measures 27 microns and has a staple length of 3”.

Our 100% Targhee is raised and processed in the USA. Targhee was originally bred in Idaho in the mid 1900’s. It is bred from Rambouillet, Corriedale, and Lincoln Ewes with Rambouillet Rams. Staple is 3” with a micron count of 23.

Our Tibetan Yak is 60% 21.5 micron Merino, 20% Yak from Tibet,  and 20% Cultivated Silk.  Tibetan Yak is prized for its softness and warmth. It is commonly compared to Cashmere and Camel in its luxury.  Staple is 2" with micron counts around 19-20.