Breed Sampler Silk Blends

Breed Sampler Silk Blends

  • $45.00

This is a 4oz samplers of below breeds, all samples are 1oz and undyed.




Our Polwarth is 60% Polwarth and 40% Tussah Silk. Polwarth was developed in Australia by breeding Merino rams with Lincoln/Merino ewes, with the intent to breed for finer wool.  Range includes Australia, New Zealand, Falklands, and South America.  Characteristics include a staple of 5-7", and a micron count of 19-22.

Our 50% Merino, 25% Bamboo, 25% Tussah Silk is so soft and silky, measuring 21 micron, it has a staple length of 3”.  The Bamboo adds an interesting touch as it lightens the over all vividness of the dye giving a pleasing pastel effect.

Our 75%BFL, 25% Tussah Silk is a treat to spin.  It has an amazing softness and luster you will have to see to believe. Supplied from the United Kingdom it measure 25 micron and has a staple length of 3 inches.

Our Tibetan Yak is 60% 21.5 micron Merino, 20% Yak from Tibet,  and 20% Cultivated Silk.  Tibetan Yak is prized for its softness and warmth. It is commonly compared to Cashmere and Camel in its luxury.  Staple is 2" with micron counts around 19-20.