Falcon purchases go through a Google Form Queue. Unlike our prior wait list, it does not guarantee you will get your wheel within a specific time frame. The Queue simply gathers contact information along with information on your potential order. Falcons will be made in batches every 4-6 weeks and we will draw from the Queue in order. An email will be sent immediately prior to your wheel being built to verify you still wish to purchase a Falcon and then an invoice will be made.

Falcons are $850 USD (with no controller)
 Soft start/stop controller is $110 USD (if you don’t have one it is required to run the wheel (wheel works with sparrow and magpie controller))

All wheels come with 3 Bobbins with aluminum brake drums

 Join the queue by clicking the link below

Daedalus Spinning Wheels LLC and Spotted Ewe Fibers LLC will not be responsible for any damage or injury incurred from using third party components

To learn more about the Falcon and to see the manual check

Falcon Instructional Videos 

For Falcon bags check out Priscilla Madsen’s designs

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