Magpie Art Flyer + 3 Bobbins

Magpie Art Flyer + 3 Bobbins

  • $450.00


Bigger. Built around a choice of characteristics proven from both Starling and Blackbird, but with a much larger motor. Over twice the "power" and four times the "torque." The chassis is approximately 15"L x 8.5"W x 11"H. (38cmL x 21cmW x 28cmH) and weighs in the ballpark of 4.5lbs (2kg).

Two heads.

Art head. Massive 44oz bobbin (this is considering the same packing density as the Starling Mini at 8oz, but art yarn isn't as tightly packed so actual capacity will vary from user to user, and project to project). Speed is limited to 1400rpm to maximize torque for heavy projects, but is still more than enough speed for normal work. In Irish, you may also choose to set it up on the lower speed whorl for 700rpm max (and huge bobs of torque).  Large 32mm orifice with 20mm reducer, large orifices for the rest of the yarn path as well.

Standard head. An 18-20oz bobbin that is spinning at 2350rpm. This is the fastest that a bobbin that size is being spun. It's ridiculous. But there are spinners who crave that speed (I've seen it) and it should satisfy them easily. But it's also friendly down at lower speeds. Take up profile is almost identical (if not better) than Starling, so sub-lace gauges are just as easy to dial in that soft take up even at higher speeds. 12mm orifice and an all-metal yarn path for many years of wear-free light gauge spinning.

Irish, Scotch, you choose.
Both heads can easily be changed over from Irish to Scotch. Art head, use it in irish for a nice firm base level take up, or Scotch when you need more finesse. The Standard head in Scotch is a light handed dream, but swap over to Irish to manage that high speed plying project.

Flat packable. Yup, you heard it. With the included wrench, the main chassis tubes can be loosened and it comes apart into the front frame (maiden frame), rear frame, and chassis tubes.

Advanced digital speed control that doubles as a wired remote control. The speed is very accurately adjustable from 1-100%, and has user adjustable soft start and soft stop separately. 0-10 seconds of ramp time either way can be dialed in to suit everyone's needs. The control body resides in the maiden frame but can simply be removed and placed anywhere that is comfortable for the user, including the floor with an extension cable. This controller is seriously robust; meaning its capable of tremendous load (60v and 20amps) but is only being utilized at 15v and about 8% of it's current capacity (1.8amps wide open).

You may reach me directly with questions!