Magpie Rendering Service and Birth Certificate by EWM

  • $20.00

Having a hard time picking colors for your bird? Evanita can create a rendered image of your espinner in the colors of your choice to determine what colors you'd like to select.

Magpie - You have one color option for your wheel which covers all trim pieces and you may select one color for your set of three bobbins.

Your email address will be given to Evanita who will contact you about your request to work out what color combinations you would like to have rendered.

Birth Certificate will be a printable 8.5x11” file with Name (if applicable), date of purchase, date shipped, and of course colors.

Disclaimer: Renders are to give you an idea of what your bird will look like. Color accuracy can vary from screen to screen and renders do not contain 3d printed texture.