Daedalus Controller with Soft start/stop

Daedalus Controller with Soft start/stop

  • $110.00

If you do not own a Daedalus device with a soft start/Stop than you must purchase this to run your wheel 


By plugging this advanced controller directly into Sparrow’s motor, and used as a wired remote control, you now have very precise control of speed digitally, as well as having 


This allows you to customize your startup and shutdown ramp times to match your preferences and project. Light lace that needs obsessive consistency?  Use short delays to get up at project speed quickly. Finally tackling that massive plying job at high speed?  Use long delays to start smoothly and completely eliminate backlashing during stops. Other menu features include min and max speed limits (can limit top speed for novice users etc) and you can change the speed adjustment size increment (where it goes up 2% or 5% every time up press Up or Down, instead of 1% by default).  Operating and menu instructions are included.