• $900.00


Blackbirds are made by the designer and sole fabricator, custom to order and take 30-45 days to complete and ship.


The Blackbird E-Spinner.  Carbon fiber, hardened steel axle, and 3D printed ABS construction.  Precision bearings throughout.  Vibration dampened head.  Up to 900 rpm.  20+oz of Fingering weight capacity. Designed to spin heavy weights but is also perfectly capable of spinning lace as well.  Weighs right at 2.5lbs, dimensions 13”L x 8”W x 8”H.  Overbuilt with large speed controller and high torque long life motor.  Leather and silk tension systems for the widest range of capability.  Also comes with four total Drive Bands (two fast, and two slow) which are covered under warranty.  Never needs oiling and designed around the concept of high durability and long service life.

Standard Color Black/Silver Package includes the Spinning Wheel and 3 Bobbins for $900 USD.  Extra Bobbins are $35 apiece or 3 for $90.  We also have a 12 hour battery available for $80.  

One year warranty that covers any manufacturer defects.

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