Starling Mini V2 with Soft Start/Stop

  • $800.00

***Custom Color ——— You may choose a color for your Body/Flyer, Trim knobs and guides and bobbins(one color for all Bobbins please)...  Please choose from the list of available colors and enter your choice in the “Instructions For Seller” at checkout.***

Plastic Color Choices: See photos

Starling is a light Scotch tension electric spinning wheel. Designed down to the smallest detail to be quiet, yet maintaining ideals in all departments.  Starling is optimized for high space lace spinning, turning over 1850 rpm, yet is still comfortable jogging at 700 rpm or even walking at 300 rpm.  The flyer has been engineered to vent air into the bobbin, effectively acting as an aerodynamic coupler, in order to help synchronize the bobbin at higher speeds.  This results in light take up ability at higher speeds, rather than having take up get heavier as the bobbin lags.  All components were chosen for long service life and ease of service.  For instance, the motor and maiden bearing are user changeable with no tools.  Ergonomics were carefully considered when designing the pivoting maiden - for bobbin changes, you slip the tension belt off of a pulley and move aside, pop the flyer axle upwards and out of its leather bushing, and pivot the flyer to either side to remove the bobbin.  This means you never have to fiddle with the drive belt.  Leather conditioner is supplied to keep the leather bushing healthy for a long life.  Bobbin capacity is around 8 oz of Fingering weight, with good clearance to the guides for serial “stuffers.”  Bobbins have been designed to be very strong in all aspects, and will not come apart under yarn pressure.  

Orifice diameter is 12mm, the internal flyer shoulder loop is 10mm, and the guides are about 8mm.  Wheel and bobbin weigh 2.0lbs (920g).  Dimensions are 8”L x 8”H x 5”W (6”W at flyer). 20cm x 20cm x 15cm.  

Package includes the wheel, 3 bobbins, 2 drive belts, hook tool, power supply, and misc accessories.  

Approx. 90 days from order to delivery

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