Enter The Lottery!

Please make sure to read over the lottery rules first. You will have 7 days to enter so no need to rush. Drawing of names will take place on June 20th.


Sparrow Lottery Rules

Hello and welcome to the Daedalus Sparrow Lottery. Our Lottery set up is to allow everyone a fair chance to be able to purchase a wheel without needing have fast fingers/internet speed to purchase one quickly in a traditional shop update. This lottery is for people who do not already own a Sparrow. If you have one please do not enter (your entry will be disqualified).


Here’s how it will work:

20 Sparrows are listed below. This lottery will start on June 12th shortly after the Sparrow shop update. The lottery will be open for 7 days with the drawing on the 8th day. 

A link to a Google Form will be provided on this page, to allow you to enter your information along with which Sparrow you wish to put your name in for. You may enter TWICE to select your two favorite ones you wish to put your name in for. One entry per wheel for a total of TWO different wheels entries.

We will draw winners for the wheels in the order that they are listed on the website. If you win a Sparrow and your second option is lower on the lottery list you will not be eligible to have a chance to win the second wheel you entered for. The first one you win will disqualify you from all other Sparrows.

All Sparrows will be matched with their owner by a random number generator. One Sparrow per person(those who already have a Sparrow are not permitted entry to the lottery). If your name is selected you will no longer be eligible for entry on the other Sparrow you have entered for.

Please choose wisely as you may not change your picks once they have been submitted

There is a section on the application to order extras such as the speed controller, battery, and extras Bobbins.

Winners will be contacted to confirm which one they have won. Once we have heard back from the winners they will be sent an invoice for payment.

Good Luck
From the Daedalus Team

The following Sparrows are available in the current Lottery. Last day to Enter is June 19th(EDT).

Last Update(6/14/21 1:32 pm EDT)

Black and Rose Sparrow
Black and Rose Sparrow
  1. Jennie B.
  2. Anne M.
  3. Dare B.
  4. Adeline M.
  5. Nikki R.
  6. Ivy D.

Black and Yellow Sparrow
Black and Yellow Sparrow
  1. Kat C.
  2. Darlene M. K.
  3. Greg H.
  4. Michelle C.
  5. Dinah L.
  6. Ina O.

Black and Lime Sparrow
Black and Lime Sparrow
  1. Ann F.
  2. Edyta H.
  3. Adele U.
  4. Liz R.
  5. Carrie C.
  6. Dinah L.
  7. Adrienne D.

Black and Teal Sparrow
Black and Teal Sparrow
  1. Karen P.
  2. Celeste G.
  3. Jan M.
  4. Corey R.
  5. Tasha
  6. Heather S.
  7. Cheryl D.
  8. Linda G.
  9. Kelly M.
  10. Anna P.
  11. Jim B.
  12. Mary D.
  13. Rachel P.
  14. Alex H.
  15. Carla F.
  16. David G.
  17. Michelle G.
  18. Katie W.

Black and Light Blue
Black and Light Blue Sparrow
  1. Anne M.
  2. Carrie C.
  3. Rijel L.
  4. Linda G.
  5. Elizabeth O.
  6. Judith v d P.
  7. David G.
  8. Katie W.

Black and Royal Blue
Black and Royal Blue Sparrow
  1. Jenny S
  2. Greg H.
  3. Liz R.
  4. Elizabeth O.
  5. Robbyn E.
  6. Karen M H.
  7. Jamie G.
  8. Lisa B.

Black and Lilac Sparrow
Black and Lilac Sparrow
  1. Janine d S.
  2. Lori W.
  3. Tricia F.
  4. Kelly M.
  5. Susan L.

Black and Purple Sparrow
Black and Purple Sparrow
  1. Lois E.
  2. Celeste G.
  3. Lori W.
  4. Anna P.
  5. Rebecca S.

Black and Red Sparrow
Black and Red Sparrow
  1. Susan B.
  2. Linda H.
  3. D. Scott L.
  4. Rebecca S.

Black and Orange Sparrow
Black and Orange Sparrow
  1. Darlene M. K.
  2. Darlene M.
  3. Linda H.
  4. Jenny S.
  5. Edyta H.
  6. Jody L. H.
  7. Janeen J.

Black and Black Sparrow
Stealth Sparrow
  1. Monika G.
  2. Ann F.
  3. Karen P.
  4. Diana B.
  5. Rhonda I.
  6. Corey R.
  7. Jim B.
  8. Mary D.
  9. Rachel P.
  10. Alex H.
  11. Judith v d P.
  12. Carla F.
  13. Cezanne G.

Rose and Black Sparrow
Rose and Black Sparrow
  1. Cathy J.
  2. Rhonda I.
  3. Jennifer H.
  4. Adele U.
  5. Sandra N.
  6. Beate R.
  7. Rachel C.
  8. Nikki R.

Yellow and Black Sparrow
Yellow and Black Sparrow
  1. Kat C.
  2. Inne C
  3. Cariona G.
  4. Jennifer N.
  5. Cheryl D.
  6. Michelle C.
  7. Claudia S.

Lime and Black Sparrow
Lime and Black Sparrow
  1. D. Scott L.
  2. Sandra N.
  3. Jody L H.
  4. Rebecca E W.
  5. Matt V.
  6. Celeste P.
  7. Karen M. H.
  8. Karen S.
  9. Gary R V.
  10. Janeen J.
  11. Adrienne D.

Light Blue and Black Sparrow
Light Blue and Black Sparrow
  1. Inne C
  2. Kelly N.
  3. Jan M.
  4. Sophie L.
  5. Lisa M.
  6. Sharon I.
  7. Rachel C.
  8. Karen S.

Lilac and Black Sparrow
Lilac and Black Sparrow
  1. Lois E.
  2. Shelby C. D.
  3. Rebecca E W.
  4. Lisa(no last initial)
  5. Theresa H.
  6. Ivy D.
  7. Michelle G.

Purple and Black Sparrow
Purple and Black Sparrow
  1. Darlene M.
  2. Christine T.
  3. Beate R.
  4. Jamie G.
  5. Theresa H.
  6. Ina O.

White and Black Sparrow
White and Black Sparrow
  1. Cheryl S.
  2. Jennifer N.
  3. Matt V.
  4. Celeste P.
  5. Adeline M.
  6. Susan L.
  7. John S.
  8. Cezanne G.

Bubblegum Pink and Black Sparrow
Bubblegum Pink and Black Sparrow
  1. Jess M.
  2. Janine d S.
  3. Kelly N.
  4. Cariona G.
  5. Jennifer H.
  6. Rita N.
  7. Jane-Marie W.
  8. Claudia S.

Avengers Limited Edition - Infinity Gauntlet Sparrow
Avengers Special Edition - Infinity Gauntlet Sparrow
  1. Quiver M.
  2. Shelby C. D.
  3. Cathy J.
  4. Jennie B.
  5. Rita N.
  6. Christine T.
  7. Heather S.
  8. Rijel L
  9. Lisa M.
  10. Robbyn E.
  11. Gary R V.