Migrating Sparrows

Hello and thank you for showing interest in the Sparrow Migration Program.

Our Sparrow is eager to go on an adventure of epic proportions! This program is designed to allow the participants to spend two weeks with a wheel, to take her on an adventure, and send her onto her next destination. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity and take her on a special outing. Your responsibility is to make a journal entry explaining what you did and what your experiences were. This includes taking pictures and printing them with the supplied Bluetooth portable printer. Those pictures should be included in the journal. You are only responsible for paying for and shipping the wheel to the next user. You will not be charged for the wheel being shipped to you. You will also need to spin 5gm of fiber on a community bobbin (fiber must be 100% sheep wool, dye and color of your choice) A braid will be sent with the wheel if you choose to spin it then you are responsible for replacing it with a braid of your choice (100% sheep wool).
Included with Sparrow will be a scrapbook journal, a community bobbin, a portable bluetooth printer, and a 4 oz braid.

Sparrow Migration Program Application


Migration Schedule

This following is an estimated schedule. We have built in time for shipping however as with any adventure there's always a bit of uncertainty. Updates about Tweety and Sojourner's travels will be shared on our Instagram and Facebook page/group.

Tweety's Itinerary

  • Christy R - Alaska - July 1-18
  • Lorrie G - Alaska - July 22-Aug 8
  • Krystal P - Washington - Aug 13-29
  • Jessica C - Washington - Sept 2-19
  • Nancy T - Washington - Sept 23-Oct 10
  • Esther E - Idaho - Oct 15-31
  • Susan L - Idaho - Nov 4-21
  • Leigh W - Oregon - Nov 26-Dec 12
  • Desiree G - Oregon - Dec 16-Jan 2
  • Valerie S - Washington - Jan 6-23

Sojourner's Itinerary

  • Rachel S - UK - July 1-18
  • Susan P - UK - July 22-Aug 8
  • Kathryn F - UK - Aug 12-29
  • Jan H - UK - Sept 2-19
  • Liz T - UK - Sept 23-Oct 10
  • Eve W - UK - Oct 15-31
  • Teresa P - UK - Nov 4-21
  • Jessica D - UK - Nov 26-Dec 12
  • Su J - UK - Dec 16-Jan 2
  • Sophie - UK - Jan 6-23

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SoJourner and Tweety Sparrow with their Journals Sojourner the Sparrow in its Pelican Case