Breed Sampler Luxury

  • $60.00

This is a 4oz Sampler of below listed breeds, all samples are 1oz and undyed.



50% Tibetan Yak/ 50% Bombyx Silk. Our Tibetan Yak Silk top is irresistible, prized for its warmth and softness you don’t want to pass this up. It is blended with cultivated mulberry silk. It measures 19 microns and has a 2” staple. 

50% Camel/ 50% Tussah Silk. Commonly compared to Yak and Cashmere because of its texture, camel is a dream to spin. naturally honey colored it measures 19 microns and has a staple length of 2”. 

100% Mongolian Cashmere. Obtained from Mongolian Cashmere Goats this Top is prized for its softness and warmth ( 3 times warmer than sheep wool). Cashmere is very fine and slippery good for intermediate to advanced spinners. 

100% Peduncle Silk. Naturally a brown color, Peduncle Silk is produced from the stem of the Tussah silk cocoon, due to this is has a shorter staple length then Bombyx silk and a softer sheen.