Sparrow — Colored body with Black trim. WITHOUT Control Module

  • $400.00


If you desire extra bobbins, it would be wise to order them with the wheel as opposed to later. All colors may shift between batches and this lets us get the right match to your wheel and bobbin sets. 


Sparrow is a Scotch and Irish tension electric spinning wheel. Designed down to the smallest detail to be quiet, yet maintaining ideals in all departments.  Sparrow is optimized for high space lace spinning, turning over 2000 rpm, yet is still comfortable jogging at 700 rpm or even walking at 300 rpm.  The curved flyer has been engineered to channel air into the bobbin, which helps the bobbin get closer to the flyer rpm (and this is needed for the finest lace). All components were chosen for long service life and ease of service.  For instance, the motor and maiden bearing are user changeable with no tools.  Ergonomics were carefully considered when designing the pivoting maiden - for bobbin changes, you slip the tension belt off of a pulley and move aside, pop the flyer axle upwards from the rear, and pivot the flyer to either side to remove the bobbin.  This means you never have to fiddle with drive belt.  Bobbin capacity is around 5oz of Fingering weight.  Bobbins have been designed to be very strong in all aspects, and will not come apart under yarn pressure.  

Orifice diameter is 6mm.  Wheel and bobbin weigh 1.5lbs (650g).  Dimensions are 8”Lx 7”H x 6”W or 20cm x 18 x 15cm.  

Package includes the wheel, 3 bobbins, 2 drive belts, hook tool, and misc spares.

Available in ready made batches at regular intervals.